About Us

Passionate Marketing Expertise

Since 2002, I have used my diverse background and experiences in marketing, advertising and public relations to help start ups, SMBs, and large corporations audit, fine tune, and execute various aspects of their marketing plan. Whether it's making minor adjustments to a marketing campaign, bringing the marketing team up to speed on new and emerging marketing tools or re-building an entire marketing department from the bottom up, I can bring an outsider's perspective with 20/20 vision.

My Approach

I approach each project with a blank page and without any assumptions. A comprehensive consult and optional marketing audit help identify gaps and opportunities resulting in a comprehensive report that includes a prioritized menu-based project plan with timelines and cost analysis. My goal is to strengthen your brand, strategy, execution, and analysis to ensure your marketing dollars are being spent wisely.

Geographic Reach

Although I'm based in Indianapolis, Indiana, many of my projects have been remote. The use of teleconferencing, online meeting technology, CRM platforms, online Project Management tools  and occasional travel to a client's location helps me stay connected and engaged.