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Marketing Orchestral Conductor

Anybody can call themselves a "Marketing Consultant". But when I was searching Google recently for a creative title to bestow upon myself, I stumbled across this...

What Is The Career Path To Becoming An Orchestral Conductor?

  1. Love music. To become a conductor, you must have a love of music and its possibilities.
  2. Get an education. 
  3. Get experience. 
  4. Be flexible and open to all sorts of opportunities.

That's exactly what I am - a Marketing Orchestral Conductor

I have always had a love for anything marketing and all its possibilities. Marketing is fluid. Marketing is creative. Marketing is scientific.

I am constantly educating myself on all of the tools, theories, and analytics. 

I have extensive experience  as a copywriter, graphic designer, website designer, digital marketer, social media junkie, researcher, analyst, project manager and more. 

Most importantly, my experience across many industries and participation on thousands of projects keeps me flexible.

I'd love the opportunity to conduct your next marketing project.

Brian Koning