Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know our industry?

With 30+ years experience on both the client and agency side of marketing, advertising and public relations, I have been involved in hundreds of industries. I've mastered the hard part of understanding the principles of marketing. The easy part is understanding an industry and  learning how to apply those marketing principles to help my clients become market leaders. 

Are you familiar with the latest marketing trends and tools?

I've spent my entire career staying a couple steps ahead when it comes to researching and using the latest and greatest marketing tools. Whether its new digital marketing trends or taking advantage of  current social media platforms, I immerse myself into learning those skills and understanding how to apply them to my clients' businesses as well as my own. 

Do you work on retainer or on a project by project basis.

I've done both. It depends on the scope of the project and the duration. I will conduct an initial project audit and provide you with an itemized proposal. My  fees are consistent with current market rates.